I am a multidisciplinary artist working across sculpture, craft, and design practices, with a background in art directing, prop design, and award-winning fashion and moving image. My practice has operated across various fields and in a multitude of materials but always with a focus on the hand-made object and the body.

Four years ago, I received an ADHD diagnosis. Since then, I have begun to make connections between my neurodiversity, queer identity and the nature of my artistic practice – such as a talent for repetitive making tasks and have begun to appreciate what ADHD affords me as an artist. My ADHD often manifests in hyperactivity – an inability to stop. In lockdown this manifested as the compulsive creation of ambitious crochet sculptures which represent the beginning of a new body of work, inspired by performance artist Nick Cave’s soundsuits; Bridget Riley’s repetitive artworks to communicate sensation; Jean du Buffet’s Coucou Bazaar.  

This ambitious new work will lay the groundwork for my creative output in the next few years, begin developing new working practices for myself and an emerging network of neurodiverse practitioners outside of neurotypical expectations. I have been fortunate to receive a DYCP, Arts Council grant which has allowed me to begin the project and start the process of R&D. I am now in the second phase of the project and building towards exhibition.