Cardboard cinema is a monthly event that hosts an independent film night at the 'Camden collective' space in Camden, London.

The project was commissioned by Film and TV Production Company 'Sudden Black'. I was asked to create a theme for the event and build a set with the only limitation that all had to be constructed from raw state corrugated cardboard. My theme took inspiration from the music video S.L.A.G I Art directed for the 'Lone Taxidermist. The video featured at the Cardboard Cinema event and uses graffiti monkeys and skulls.

From the rafters of the cardboard cinema space hung hundreds of cardboard linked monkeys. The hanging monkeys took inspiration from the classic children’s game 'Barrel of Monkeys'. Each one linking arms with the next to create a blanket of cardboard magic. Accompanying the ceiling monkeys, attached to each pillar of the space were cut cardboard monkey skulls. The overall effect of the set design was brought to life with directional lighting that created fantastic shadows throughout the space.