My recent move in to interior design has been inspired by buying my first house. I have now completed the full interior renovation and design of the house. 

The bathroom was inspired by a recent trip to Beijing, China. Walking through the old streets (Hutongs) I was stuck by the wood pannelled shutters on the shop fronts. The sleek, minimal design was a perfect texture to cover the walls of our small bathroom. The wood panneling gives warmth to the space but its main purpose was to give a feeling of depth and space to the smallest room in the house.

To balance the wood panelling that wraps around half of the space I contrasted this with verticle, metro tiling in the bath and shower area. to fuse the stark tiling with the warm wood panneling i inserted a terricota painted concrete panel as a splashback to the floating sink/vanity unit. And to finish the space I used a marble, hexagon, mosiac tile on the floor to again give the impression of space.