Industry creatives in art, fashion, set design and styling respectively, Christopher Kelly and Ilga Leimanis, delve into the cornerstones of what makes a successful creative project. Join Chris and Ilga as they explore what it takes to be successful in both art and fashion projects, from research to final outcome. Chris and Ilga will speak about the full project development process. What is research? Why is it crucial to the design process? Why are experimentation and play such essential tools in the creative process? This webinar will be followed by a live Q&A.

Audiance responses;


‘It was so helpful and enjoyable session. I wanna say thank you Chris and Ilga for inspiring me. They told me the important point of creativity.


mini lecture’


‘Both speakers are very passionate about how to get inspire and all the creative process. The time was too short. their presentation makes me create something!’


‘Learned how to expand my inspiration through research’