NOW Gallery presents ‘RIBBONS’ by MATTY BOVAN

Working with Matty, Interesting Projects and Now gallery I was commisioned to design and make a large scale shoulder frame to become the base of Matty's oversized crochet pieces. Alongside the giant shoulder frame sat two giant hoops that hung the oversized sweater sleeves. Each piece was constructed from aluminium box tubing and constructed at Stratford Metal fabrications.

The ribbon as a symbol of the feminine is taken to a much larger scale than it’s traditional use as mere trimming, with amorphous forms in varying knitted constructions, from tight through to loose weave, creating a tough towering structure of poetic aggression that traverses the full cavernous depth and ceiling height of the gallery, entirely knitted from thousands and thousands of meters of ribbons, where Bovan has created his own world juxtaposing fantasy and reality.