An Ealing Trilogy, was a commissioned piece by director Eelyn Lee and the National Portrait Gallery, I was art director for the new piece of moving image work as part of the NPG's annual Creative Connections programme.

Collaborating with Eelyn and students from Brentside High School we took references from portraits at NPG and the students own concepts. My roles was to bring to life their ideas in
an 8-minute video installation which was exhibited at the gallery from June - Sept, 2014. Alongside art directing the piece I created props and sets for the backdrop of the piece as well as styling the students who were to be acting in the films.

The work went on to be exhibited at Pitzhanger Manor Gallery, Ealing. 
In Dec 2014 it was selected for Les Rencontres Internationales, a festival celebrating new cinema and contemporary art and screened at the GAÎTÉ LYRIQUE in Paris.