Working for greenpeace is always a fantastic challenge, creating props that not only have to look fantastic but function in the most extreme environments. This commission called 'heads of state' is part of Greenpeace internationals 'save the arctic' campaign. I was required to create 6 realistic oversized heads that perfectly resembled the worlds political leaders: Putin, Cameron, Harper, Merkel, Obama, Modi and Hollande. Unfortunately Hollande did not survive his trip to the Arctic, where the heads went to protest for greenpeace. Each head had a troubled or pained expression to show its concern for the arctic melt. Greenpeace supplied the exact facial expression they required, which we illustrated and sculpted.

As a prop maker and sculptor my challenge was to construct the heads in a way that would look perfectly realistic, be able to secure to the head and survive Arctic temperatures. To achieve the best results, I created an internal structure that could be secured to the head, then built a metal frame that was sculpted to shape, and coated with paper mache to create realistic expressions and features. Finally the heads were painted and waterproofed to create a humanistic and functional finish.