As part of Greenpeace’s 'Save the Arctic' campaign my latest work for them comes in the shape of giant Lego. As prop maker my brief was to create environmentally positive giant Lego blocks that look and function exactly as the original blocks. 

I created the Lego blocks from FDA approved laser printed, corrugated card. Each block was digitally designed in Adobe Illustrator and cut by Zund G3 plotter, the 300 blocks were then individually constructed by hand. The Lego blocks were then built in to a Snowy Owl, Polar bear, Walrus and a 'Save the Arctic' slogan. 

The giant Lego creatures were used in the 'Save the Arctic' protest outside Shell's head quarters on the South Bank in London. Due to the success of the Giant Lego blocks I was commissioned by Greenpeace, Belgium to create a Giant Lego brick wall for protest in Belgium.

 From design to build this project was completed in 3 weeks.