Travelling Jackie is an art project that brings together the diverse community that we all live in today. It is no surprise that London has the biggest population of mixed ethnic groups, however, the country as a whole is expanding with different cultures and backgrounds and whilst we live side by side, it goes quite unnoticed and unrecognised through media and the arts. Disability also isn’t a primary focus in society, although this coverage is growing through sport, it’s still not widely seen on our screens nor celebrated in the arts. The intention of this project is to look through the eyes of children to see how they see disability and diversity, as at a young age they are blind to our differences.

The ultimate goal of this project is to produce an exhibition for the community of Walthamstow that includes ideas, thoughts and perceptions from the young people themselves.

The main exhibition will consist of sculptures embodying characters that have been crafted through methods used for the making of traditional Victorian porcelain dolls, this method is being used to break the taboo of the perfect society and the perfect white child.


Children will be asked to participate in workshops that are designed to be thought provoking and engaging, relating specifically to diversity and disability in our community, providing activities to express their thoughts and vision through art. The sculptures will have been inspired by the findings of these workshops, along with photography and sound installation. This exhibition will be an inclusion of the local community and will showcase young people’s perceptions of how they view our community today.