Notes +o self are a tool to be used when you are stuck in a negative loop, weather you suffer from anxiety, ADHD, simply need to break your daily routine or habitual mindset these cards can help prompt a positive interlude that will inspire and reinvigorate. Simply pick a card and let yourself be guided.

I made these cards to help with my own anxiety, I wanted to create a visually engaging card that would inspire me so I hand drew each one with care. I hope you find them invigorating too. The Notes +o self cards are small enough to fit in your wallet or purse and carry with you everywhere you go.

I have left 3 cards blank so that you can create a task that is personal to you, something that you know helps reinvigorate your mind. I know we don’t all think of ourselves as artists, but here is your opportunity to break the mould and challenge yourself!

It was important to me that the Notes +o self cards not only made a positive impact on mental health but made little to no impact on the environment. Therefore I have made every attempt to make the cards as sustainable as possible. The cards are printed on FSC certified card that is produced in a factory powered by renewable energy and made in the UK.

All packaging is - 100% recycled card, Made in UK, powered by renewable energy. DPD delivery carbon neutral and
plastic free delivery.

The cards can be purchased at my Etsy shop