Interwoven is a project that merges the intricate facets of Neurodiversity with the craftsmanship of artistry. Research is the cornerstone of this project, serving as  a foundational pillar that enriches all its  aspects, encompassing workshops and and community engagements.

The artist developed a series of sculptural pieces that gave physical expression to the metaphorical masks worn by a neurodiverse individual when navigating various social interactions. Faced with neurotypical environments and interactions, there was a need to adapt and transform, a process often described as “code-switching.” Bringing these internal thoughts into tangible form served as a cathartic experience. 

A series of workshops and an exhibition in collaboration with the CSM Museum serve as an educational and community resource for underserved neurodiverse groups that sit outside of the educational system. Participants in the workshops build the foundations for a support network and knowledge base from which to begin developing support systems and new working practices.