I received an adult diagnosis of ADHD four years ago. I am beginning to understand what this means for my daily life and professional career, but through a period of R&D I will begin on a new body of work that has three aims: 1) is a step change in my creative output by focus on non-commercial work and making connections with arts festivals and institutions 2) improves my understanding of connections between neurodiversity and creative practice in my own work, in my students, and in my wider network 3) builds a mutual support network of neurodiverse artists through creative collaboration.


I am at a crucial juncture in my work where I am transitioning from fashion and prop design into an artistic and pedagogical practice. This funding represents a watershed moment in my career, where the support for R&D of this ambitious new work will lay the groundwork for my creative output in the next few years, begin developing new working practices for myself and an emerging network of neurodiverse practitioners outside of neurotypical expectations, and develop my profile through these connections, and making contact with festivals & institutions to host my work.


At the end of the year I will have a proof of concept film and sculptural pieces, so that the full work can be pitched to and/or commissioned by supporting institutions or festivals. I will have greatly developed my craft skills to execute the build of my sculptures. I will have a support network and strong knowledge base from which to begin developing my own access rider and new working practices.